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Vincent Fedele shares passion for saltwater fishing

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Vincent Paul Fedele

Saltwater fishing is more popular than ever before in the U.S.

There are currently estimated to be upwards of 60 million anglers in the U.S. with over 45 million of those going fishing at least once in the last year. Of those, around 18.5 million are saltwater anglers, according to Vincent Fedele, a businessman, father of two, and keen saltwater fisherman from Forks Township, Pennsylvania.

“While the majority of people start out fishing in freshwater, once they get a taste for saltwater fishing, they’re often completely hooked,” suggests Fedele. “From the massive variety of fish to the wildly different landscapes and scenery, saltwater fishing is in a league of its own.”

“I would absolutely love,” he adds, “to be a charter captain on my own saltwater fishing boat someday.”

Fedele goes on to highlight several of the reasons behind his passion for the sport, starting by referring back to variety. “The variation in saltwater fishing is immense,” he explains. “From pier fishing or leisurely drifting just off the beach to much more specialized deep sea fishing miles out into the ocean, there’s something for everyone.”

He continues, “Whatever an angler’s skill level, switching from freshwater to saltwater is often an eye-opener, and right from the outset there’s something to suit just about every level of ability.”

Fedele reveals that from basic saltwater tackle, knots, and lures, to understanding tides and additional saltwater fishing equipment, it’s an immersive hobby. “I think that’s part of the reason why I’m so passionate about it,” he suggests, “as I love the diversity and the constant learning curve, even after many, many years of saltwater fishing.”

With this in mind, what would Fedele recommend for those looking to explore the world of saltwater fishing for the first time? “Perhaps start on a public fishing pier,” suggests the seasoned saltwater angler, “whether close to the shoreline or out further along the pier.”

Fedele is keen to emphasize that saltwater fishing needn’t necessarily start by hopping straight onto a boat. “Choose the right time of year and the right location, and from the furthest end of a long pier, even a newcomer to saltwater fishing can hook something like a king mackerel, or even a large grouper,” he suggests.

From here, says Fedele, it’s about finding your sea legs. “With the correct gear and a little experience under their belt, a new saltwater angler can look to find themselves a small skiff or kayak, or a spot on a larger, shared fishing boat, and go from there,” says the expert.

“Before you know it,” he adds, wrapping up, “you could be heading offshore where a whole new world awaits, battling big tuna, marlin, and much more besides.”

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