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Vincent Fedele Reveals Problems Associated With Rising U.S. Health Care Costs

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Vincent Fedele Reveals Problems Associated With Rising U.S. Health Care Costs

Vincent Fedele, an experienced economist is here to discuss the rise in our economy. Ranked #1 for most expensive health care is the United States… Not only does the nation spend more than any other in this area, but current totals put spending at upwards of 50 percent greater than any other country globally, according to Vincent Fedele.


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Vincent Fedele

A businessman and father of two from Easton, Pennsylvania, Fedele reveals that drugs in the U.S. are many times more expensive than in other countries and that American medical professionals also routinely earn far higher salaries than their colleagues elsewhere in the world. “The U.S.,” he says, “is famed for overspending on health care.”


Indeed, countless studies have shown Fedele’s suggestions to be correct. General physicians in the U.S. reportedly make =double what they would receive in many other first world countries.


Furthermore, it has been revealed that medical diagnostics are substantially more expensive in first world countries. “Significant funds routinely go toward planning, regulation, and management of medical services at an administrative level,” he adds.



Vincent Fedele: The United States Spent ~17.5% of its Total Annual GDP on Health Care. 


Cost aside, however, the impassioned businessman is keen to point to the system’s biggest problem which, he says, comes down to pricing. “A side effect of overspending” suggests Fedele. “Fostering and continuing to be perpetuated by the so-called ‘administrative burden’ has been reported by many doctors and nurses.”


This has an impact, he says, on resulting individual service costs. Surgical procedures in the U.S. cost an upwards of ten times more than in Europe, for example. “Take computed tomography or CT scanning, too,” he adds.”Currently also calculated to be approximately ten times more costly in the U.S. than over the border in Canada.”


Almost a quarter of the U.S. population reportedly missed an important medical consultation. Owing to the fact that they were unable to afford to cover the payment. “In this day and age, that’s an entirely unacceptable fact,” he adds.


“I believe,” says Fedele, wrapping up, “that as the country continues to struggle with high health care costs. It’s now critical that we as a nation take significant steps toward curtailing overspending. Along with other costs as a matter of absolute urgency.”


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