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Vincent Fedele explores most popular U.S. saltwater fishing destinations

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With the popularity of saltwater fishing on the rise in the U.S., there’s much discussion to be had surrounding the country’s best saltwater fishing destinations.

A passionate saltwater fisherman, Vincent Fedele boasts a wealth of knowledge on the subject. With an estimated 18.5 million saltwater anglers in the U.S., there’s a massive variety of opinion on where’s best to indulge in the sport. Here, the successful businessman and father of two from Easton, Pennsylvania explores three of the most popular and highly regarded saltwater fishing destinations in the U.S. currently.

“Virginia, California, Texas, North Carolina, and Massachusetts all boast excellent saltwater fishing,” suggests Fedele of the hotly contested topic. “However it’s New York which takes third place among the most popular and highly regarded.”

In particular, Fedele points toward Montauk. “Montauk is famous for saltwater fishing the world over,” reveals the enthusiast. “Each year, millions of fish pass through Montauk’s coastal waters as part of their migratory journey.

While Montauk is famed for striped bass, Fedele points out that there’s much more on offer, including big tuna, popular with deep water trophy anglers. “It’s an experience not to be missed for serious saltwater fishing enthusiasts,” he adds, “and well deserving of a place on this list.”

Second on Fedele’s list of destinations is Venice, Louisiana. Widely regarded as one of the best saltwater fishing sites in the U.S., the father of two explains that Venice is home to everything, fishing-wise, from flounder and redfish to tuna, marlin, and wahoo.

Located where the Mississippi River Delta meets the Gulf of Mexico, Fedele and fellow anglers, he says, rate Venice, Louisiana above almost anywhere else in the U.S. for saltwater fishing thanks to the unique conditions on offer.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s Florida which tops the list, and in particular, the Florida Keys. “Few saltwater anglers would argue,” suggests Fedele, “that the Florida Keys are not only among the very best places to fish in the U.S. but in the entire world.”

From Key West and Key Largo to Islamorada, the area’s converging currents, crystal clear waters, and incredible tropical weather make for unbeatable saltwater fishing year-round, according to Fedele. “Swordfish, mahi, tarpon – the Florida Keys have it all for keen saltwater anglers,” he reveals.

“From complete beginners and relative novices to saltwater anglers with decades of experience, the fishing on offer in the Florida Keys is spectacular, unbeatable, and absolutely not to be missed,” Fedele adds, wrapping up.

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