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Vincent Fedele on his experiences with and the pros and cons of social media

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Social media has revolutionized the way in which people do businesses, and brands communicate online, says businessman Vincent Fedele.

Allowing easy, instant communication, access to real-time news, and providing a springboard for new brands and businesses, among many other benefits, social media is not, however, without its faults. That’s according to Vincent Fedele, a businessman and father of two from Forks Township, Pennsylvania.

Fedele goes on to highlight that while social media may afford its users many positives, these often come at a cost. “In terms of positives, social media is great for staying in touch with friends and family around the world,” suggests Fedele. “It’s also a powerful tool for businesses, allowing them to connect quickly and easily with customers.”

Vincent Fedele points out that today, social media is largely invaluable for entrepreneurs and businesses of all shapes and sizes looking to share their products, their services, and their expertise with others. “Businesses now exist which actually rely almost entirely on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, and which wouldn’t be able to survive without these social media channels,” he reveals.

Furthermore, Fedele is quick to praise social media as a real-time news source, often providing instant access to breaking stories from across the globe.

On the contrary, however, he’s also witnessed a less positive side to social media. According to the Pennsylvania-based businessman, the benefits of websites including Facebook and Twitter, as well as applications such as Snapchat, often come at a cost.

From privacy issues to so-called ‘information overload,’ Fedele first points toward cyberbullying and peer pressure as two of his biggest issues with social media.

“Particularly among teenagers and young adults, social media has become a very real platform for bullying, or ‘cyberbullying,’ as well as a source of negative peer pressure,” says Fedele. “This is something which parents especially must be wise to, and something which needs to be stamped out.”

Touching on how the amount of information posted and shared on sites like Facebook, for example, can become overwhelming, Fedele also suggests that social media can become a major source of distraction and procrastination. “It’s also becoming a poor substitute for face-to-face interaction, where instead of meeting in person, individuals are all-too-quick to simply converse with friends and family on Twitter or Facebook, which I think is a shame,” he adds.

Of privacy issues, Fedele points out how oversharing and the posting, sometimes unwittingly, of geographical location data can lead to problems. “Such information can all-too-easily be personally identifying, or may come back to haunt an individual at a later date, in either their personal or professional life,” he adds.

“Personally, I would say to people,” Fedele adds, wrapping up, “ask, ‘How can I make the most of the advantages, while also minimizing the potential disadvantages of social media?’ each time they log into their favorite social networking website or application.”

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