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Vincent Fedele Explores Downsides of Social Media Adoption

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Vincent Fedele Explores Downsides of Social Media Adoption

Vincent Fedele

Revolutionizing how people, businesses, and brands communicate with one another online, social media boasts many benefits, but is not without its faults, according to Vincent Fedele, a businessman and father of two from Easton, Pennsylvania.


Affording users easy, instant communication, real-time access to news, and providing a springboard for new businesses and brands, Vincent Fedele explains that while social media may offer many benefits to its users, these are beginning to come at an increasingly significant cost.


Social media is a powerful tool for businesses, and a great way for many users to stay in touch with friends, family, and loved ones around the world,” he suggests. Also keen to praise social media as a real-time news source, Vincent Fedele is equally quick to point toward the less positive sides of websites and applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. According to the Pennsylvania-based businessman, the ‘pros’ of these platforms also come with a great number of ‘cons.’


From so-called ‘information overload’ to frequent privacy concerns and data breaches. Vincent Fedele first identifies a number of slightly more personal and less well-addressed concerns. Chiefly peer pressure and bullying behavior. These, he says, are two of his own most significant perceived downsides to ever-growing rates of social media adoption. Fishing is another hobby.


Despite the many touted benefits of social media, the ‘pros,’ says Vincent Fedele, are becoming outweighed by the ‘cons.’

“Among teenagers and young adults, social media has become a dangerous platform for bullying. As well as a very real source of often highly negative peer pressure.”


This increase in so-called ‘cyberbullying’ and negative peer pressure places parents responsible. “It’s something which we, as parents, need to see stamped out”.


Vincent Fedele also explains how the sheer volume of information posted on social networks can become overwhelming. A major source of procrastination and distraction.


Turning to privacy issues, Vincent Fedele goes on to point out oversharing. In addition to posting the geolocation, data can also lead to serious problems. “Such information can be all too easily come back to haunt an individual at a later date. Perhaps even many years down the line,” Fedele adds.


His solution is to make the most of the advantages, while also minimizing the potential disadvantages. This is especially important when logging into social media apps and websites. “If users did this each time they logged in, we would be in a much better position.”

Vincent Fedele - featured

Vincent Fedele Reveals Problems Associated With Rising U.S. Health Care Costs

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Vincent Fedele Reveals Problems Associated With Rising U.S. Health Care Costs

Vincent Fedele, an experienced economist is here to discuss the rise in our economy. Ranked #1 for most expensive health care is the United States… Not only does the nation spend more than any other in this area, but current totals put spending at upwards of 50 percent greater than any other country globally, according to Vincent Fedele.


Vincent Fedele - Vincent Fedele

Vincent Fedele

A businessman and father of two from Easton, Pennsylvania, Fedele reveals that drugs in the U.S. are many times more expensive than in other countries and that American medical professionals also routinely earn far higher salaries than their colleagues elsewhere in the world. “The U.S.,” he says, “is famed for overspending on health care.”


Indeed, countless studies have shown Fedele’s suggestions to be correct. General physicians in the U.S. reportedly make =double what they would receive in many other first world countries.


Furthermore, it has been revealed that medical diagnostics are substantially more expensive in first world countries. “Significant funds routinely go toward planning, regulation, and management of medical services at an administrative level,” he adds.



Vincent Fedele: The United States Spent ~17.5% of its Total Annual GDP on Health Care. 


Cost aside, however, the impassioned businessman is keen to point to the system’s biggest problem which, he says, comes down to pricing. “A side effect of overspending” suggests Fedele. “Fostering and continuing to be perpetuated by the so-called ‘administrative burden’ has been reported by many doctors and nurses.”


This has an impact, he says, on resulting individual service costs. Surgical procedures in the U.S. cost an upwards of ten times more than in Europe, for example. “Take computed tomography or CT scanning, too,” he adds.”Currently also calculated to be approximately ten times more costly in the U.S. than over the border in Canada.”


Almost a quarter of the U.S. population reportedly missed an important medical consultation. Owing to the fact that they were unable to afford to cover the payment. “In this day and age, that’s an entirely unacceptable fact,” he adds.


“I believe,” says Fedele, wrapping up, “that as the country continues to struggle with high health care costs. It’s now critical that we as a nation take significant steps toward curtailing overspending. Along with other costs as a matter of absolute urgency.”


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Vincent Paul Fedele shares three tips for turkey hunting this fall

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Pennsylvania-based Vincent Paul Fedele highlights wild turkey hunting opportunities as winter approaches.


Full of action, the fall hunting season offers an excellent opportunity for keen huntsmen and huntresses in the U.S. to bag, among other wildlife, one of many, many thousands of wild turkeys, abundant at this time of year. A successful businessman, passionate hunter, saltwater fisherman, and father of two from Easton, Pennsylvania, Vincent Paul Fedele shares three turkey hunting tips from the so-called hunters’ paradise state.

“Enjoying millions of acres of land upon which to hunt, the state of Pennsylvania is widely regarded as one of the best hunting states in the nation,” says Fedele. “At this time of year, wild turkeys are particularly abundant, especially in northern Pennsylvania and areas such as Moshannon State Forest.”

Getting Started

Fedele’s first tip calls for an early start. “Wild turkeys are active from sunrise, and while they’ll be out and about until sundown, it’s important to get started early,” he explains.

This, he says, is because pinpointing wild turkeys gets more and more difficult as the day draws on. “They’re incredibly vocal at this time of year,” Fedele suggests, “and an area where you perhaps expected to find turkeys, based on advice or past experience, may turn out to be anything but as they repeatedly call and regroup elsewhere.”

Early Timing

Instead of giving them a head start, the Keystone State hunting and fishing aficionado advise slipping in early, before the birds have had a chance to make a move.

Next, he says, work on your call. “The right call can have wild turkeys—especially young birds—frantic to be together and, in doing so, working their collective way toward you,” Fedele explains. “Call plaintively and wait for a response before hitting back again and again. Matching every call and working the birds up into a frenzy is an almost surefire ticket to wild turkeys, particularly in the fall,” he adds.

Lastly, Fedele’s third tip involves getting your feet—and arguably, the rest of you—wet.

“Turkeys hate wet weather, not least because on rainy ways, their calls are muffled—as are the sounds of approaching predators—by sodden leaves in their preferred woodland living and hiding spots,” he explains. As a result, Fedele reveals that during even light to moderate rain, wild turkeys will often head for open ground, such as fields, where they feel safer.

“Scope out open areas during, or even just after, rainfall,” he adds, wrapping up, “to increase the likelihood of happening upon this fall’s wild turkeys.”

Vincent Fedele explores most popular U.S. saltwater fishing destinations

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With the popularity of saltwater fishing on the rise in the U.S., there’s much discussion to be had surrounding the country’s best saltwater fishing destinations.

A passionate saltwater fisherman, Vincent Fedele boasts a wealth of knowledge on the subject. With an estimated 18.5 million saltwater anglers in the U.S., there’s a massive variety of opinion on where’s best to indulge in the sport. Here, the successful businessman and father of two from Easton, Pennsylvania explores three of the most popular and highly regarded saltwater fishing destinations in the U.S. currently.

“Virginia, California, Texas, North Carolina, and Massachusetts all boast excellent saltwater fishing,” suggests Fedele of the hotly contested topic. “However it’s New York which takes third place among the most popular and highly regarded.”

In particular, Fedele points toward Montauk. “Montauk is famous for saltwater fishing the world over,” reveals the enthusiast. “Each year, millions of fish pass through Montauk’s coastal waters as part of their migratory journey.

While Montauk is famed for striped bass, Fedele points out that there’s much more on offer, including big tuna, popular with deep water trophy anglers. “It’s an experience not to be missed for serious saltwater fishing enthusiasts,” he adds, “and well deserving of a place on this list.”

Second on Fedele’s list of destinations is Venice, Louisiana. Widely regarded as one of the best saltwater fishing sites in the U.S., the father of two explains that Venice is home to everything, fishing-wise, from flounder and redfish to tuna, marlin, and wahoo.

Located where the Mississippi River Delta meets the Gulf of Mexico, Fedele and fellow anglers, he says, rate Venice, Louisiana above almost anywhere else in the U.S. for saltwater fishing thanks to the unique conditions on offer.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s Florida which tops the list, and in particular, the Florida Keys. “Few saltwater anglers would argue,” suggests Fedele, “that the Florida Keys are not only among the very best places to fish in the U.S. but in the entire world.”

From Key West and Key Largo to Islamorada, the area’s converging currents, crystal clear waters, and incredible tropical weather make for unbeatable saltwater fishing year-round, according to Fedele. “Swordfish, mahi, tarpon – the Florida Keys have it all for keen saltwater anglers,” he reveals.

“From complete beginners and relative novices to saltwater anglers with decades of experience, the fishing on offer in the Florida Keys is spectacular, unbeatable, and absolutely not to be missed,” Fedele adds, wrapping up.

Vincent Paul Fedele

Vincent Fedele shares passion for saltwater fishing

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Saltwater fishing is more popular than ever before in the U.S.

There are currently estimated to be upwards of 60 million anglers in the U.S. with over 45 million of those going fishing at least once in the last year. Of those, around 18.5 million are saltwater anglers, according to Vincent Fedele, a businessman, father of two, and keen saltwater fisherman from Forks Township, Pennsylvania.

“While the majority of people start out fishing in freshwater, once they get a taste for saltwater fishing, they’re often completely hooked,” suggests Fedele. “From the massive variety of fish to the wildly different landscapes and scenery, saltwater fishing is in a league of its own.”

“I would absolutely love,” he adds, “to be a charter captain on my own saltwater fishing boat someday.”

Fedele goes on to highlight several of the reasons behind his passion for the sport, starting by referring back to variety. “The variation in saltwater fishing is immense,” he explains. “From pier fishing or leisurely drifting just off the beach to much more specialized deep sea fishing miles out into the ocean, there’s something for everyone.”

He continues, “Whatever an angler’s skill level, switching from freshwater to saltwater is often an eye-opener, and right from the outset there’s something to suit just about every level of ability.”

Fedele reveals that from basic saltwater tackle, knots, and lures, to understanding tides and additional saltwater fishing equipment, it’s an immersive hobby. “I think that’s part of the reason why I’m so passionate about it,” he suggests, “as I love the diversity and the constant learning curve, even after many, many years of saltwater fishing.”

With this in mind, what would Fedele recommend for those looking to explore the world of saltwater fishing for the first time? “Perhaps start on a public fishing pier,” suggests the seasoned saltwater angler, “whether close to the shoreline or out further along the pier.”

Fedele is keen to emphasize that saltwater fishing needn’t necessarily start by hopping straight onto a boat. “Choose the right time of year and the right location, and from the furthest end of a long pier, even a newcomer to saltwater fishing can hook something like a king mackerel, or even a large grouper,” he suggests.

From here, says Fedele, it’s about finding your sea legs. “With the correct gear and a little experience under their belt, a new saltwater angler can look to find themselves a small skiff or kayak, or a spot on a larger, shared fishing boat, and go from there,” says the expert.

“Before you know it,” he adds, wrapping up, “you could be heading offshore where a whole new world awaits, battling big tuna, marlin, and much more besides.”

Vincent Fedele on his experiences with and the pros and cons of social media

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Social media has revolutionized the way in which people do businesses, and brands communicate online, says businessman Vincent Fedele.

Allowing easy, instant communication, access to real-time news, and providing a springboard for new brands and businesses, among many other benefits, social media is not, however, without its faults. That’s according to Vincent Fedele, a businessman and father of two from Forks Township, Pennsylvania.

Fedele goes on to highlight that while social media may afford its users many positives, these often come at a cost. “In terms of positives, social media is great for staying in touch with friends and family around the world,” suggests Fedele. “It’s also a powerful tool for businesses, allowing them to connect quickly and easily with customers.”

Vincent Fedele points out that today, social media is largely invaluable for entrepreneurs and businesses of all shapes and sizes looking to share their products, their services, and their expertise with others. “Businesses now exist which actually rely almost entirely on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, and which wouldn’t be able to survive without these social media channels,” he reveals.

Furthermore, Fedele is quick to praise social media as a real-time news source, often providing instant access to breaking stories from across the globe.

On the contrary, however, he’s also witnessed a less positive side to social media. According to the Pennsylvania-based businessman, the benefits of websites including Facebook and Twitter, as well as applications such as Snapchat, often come at a cost.

From privacy issues to so-called ‘information overload,’ Fedele first points toward cyberbullying and peer pressure as two of his biggest issues with social media.

“Particularly among teenagers and young adults, social media has become a very real platform for bullying, or ‘cyberbullying,’ as well as a source of negative peer pressure,” says Fedele. “This is something which parents especially must be wise to, and something which needs to be stamped out.”

Touching on how the amount of information posted and shared on sites like Facebook, for example, can become overwhelming, Fedele also suggests that social media can become a major source of distraction and procrastination. “It’s also becoming a poor substitute for face-to-face interaction, where instead of meeting in person, individuals are all-too-quick to simply converse with friends and family on Twitter or Facebook, which I think is a shame,” he adds.

Of privacy issues, Fedele points out how oversharing and the posting, sometimes unwittingly, of geographical location data can lead to problems. “Such information can all-too-easily be personally identifying, or may come back to haunt an individual at a later date, in either their personal or professional life,” he adds.

“Personally, I would say to people,” Fedele adds, wrapping up, “ask, ‘How can I make the most of the advantages, while also minimizing the potential disadvantages of social media?’ each time they log into their favorite social networking website or application.”