Pretty happy childhood, middleclass family, parents always did their best to give me and my brother (Peter Anthony Fedele – 10 months younger than me), and my sister Christina M. Fedele – 5 years younger.

Was born prematurely and had a hard time until about senior year of high school. Was 4’9″ and 83 lbs junior year, smallest kid at Hunterdon Central high School in Flemington, NJ.

Dropped out Senior year and worked as a pressman’s apprentice at the hunterdon county democrat, built homes in staten island, have been working since I was 16, many times 2 jobs.

Played baseball as a young kid and lacrosse in high school.

Dad ruled with an iron fist with all of us but gave me my break into the engineering business. I decided to get my GED and enroll at the local community college, Raritan Valley Community – nights and worked in the blueprint room at Jacobs engineering company, one of the largest engineering companies in the world. My father had been with the company 2 yeas and was well known in the industry as one of the best estimators for chemical and pharmaceutical projects.

I was basically lost until this break came my way.

I have always been a hard worker and built a career from having a strong work ethic, making and learning from my mistakes and quickly moving up the with increased responsibilities. this you will find in my resume also attached.

Moved my family around when I was given project assignments during the construction of facilities our companies designed. Lived in Maryland for 2 years, lived in Baton Rouge, LA for a year and finally settled and built a house in Easton PA. 600 fraser drive, forks township (Easton) PA 18040.

My daughter had a pretty good childhood, loved horses, we were given a horse by our family doctor and she competed and spent a lot of time at the barn. When she was just 12 years old she almost died from an acute bleed in her stomach. We had gone out for the day and she said she just wanted to hand around the house. When we returned she had lost 2/3 of her blood and we almost lost her. We were flown from St Lukes Hospital in Bethlehem PA to St Chrisophers hospital Philly. She recovered and we found out that she had taken medicine for a headache without eating and it caused a bleed in the major artery in her stomach wall. A few years later I received a call, while travelling for business,that she was beat up in the high school cafeteria, recorded it on their phone and I got to witness when I got home at midnight. she never through a punch and had never been in trouble. A girl that she knew reacted to something written on social media. ANOTHER GOOD SUBJECT TO COVER THAT I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT – THE GOODS AND BADS OF SOCIAL MEDIA – MOSTLY THE BADS.

She also suffers from trichotillomania which after one semester at Kutztown University caused her to drop out due to the embarrassment. She is extremely talented as an artist, painting and photography and is engaged and living at home.

My son Paul and I have basically been best friends forever. At 3 years old I started taking him golfing with me and he showed an interest other than eating candy and riding in the cart. It has been a long journey with Paul and now he plays for Rosemont College, just outside of Philadelphia. He is a straight A student, a gentleman, and still loves the game. ANOTHER GOOD SUBJECT OF INTEREST – IF YOURE CHILDREN LOVE THE GAME AND WANT TO PLAY IN ANY DIVISION IN COLLEGE THE STEPS YOU MUST TAKE ARE MORE THAN YOU MAY THINK, MUCH MORE. I CAN SHARE A LOT OF INFORMTION ON THIS SUBJECT, WHETHER IT BE FOR DIVISION I, II OR III. THE KEY IS PLAYING ON THE RIGHT CIRCUIT AND HOW TO BECOME NATIONALLY RANKED. YOU CAN BE A SCRATCH PLAYER AND IT DOESNT MEAN ANYTHING IF YOUR NOT RANKED. I CAN ALSO SHARE WHICH RECRUITING SITES WORKED BEST FOR US.

Other Passions/concerns:

Fishing – saltwater. Would love to be a charter captain on my own boat some day.
Healthcare in the US. I am currently unemployed and cannot afford healthcare for my family. We are at great risk. The cost is so prohibitive we would lose everything.
At will States – I have been hearing this for a while now in business and recently all about it first hand. Based on the negative article about being charged, my company called me at 10 am on Friday June 15 and let me go, with 7 hours notice. No severance, only 2 weeks pay for signing the “promise not to sue” document. I was making $206k per year and within 5 hours reduced to $1,110 every two weeks. Some of the charges against me were dropped quickly and I have not been proven guilty or convicted of anything. It also appears at this point that all charges will be dropped.
NAFTA agreement was a joke. I still remember Ross Perot saying “if you sign off on that agreement, you will hear the great sucking sounds of all the jobs leaving this country. Yeh, he was a little different in his approach but damn he was right.
The privileges our congressmen men and women are given – for life, costing us billions. Free healthcare, no taxes, pensions that are ridiculous.
I was taking to a friend the other day and his father was an FBI agent for over 30 years. because he was a government employee he doesn’t get SS benefits but he does receive $8,000/month from his pension and very low cost healthcare for life
I summary, I firmly believe in family first, the heath of our country, our troops protecting our freedoms and the sacrifices they have and are making. I am sick of our government raping the American people and lining their own pockets.

This should give you enough on getting rolling on articles, blogs, etc… any additional canned information you can offer please share. I really need this to get rolling quickly.